Finding Joy in 5 Simple Steps

JoyScope is your guide to living an inspired and joyful life.

Centred on a different theme, each daily inspiration brings wisdom, insights and a-ha moments.

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This is a lovely book which delivers exactly what it says on the cover - daily inspirations to nourish your heart and soul. There is a whole year's worth of entries, making it the perfect Christmas or New Years gift - but you could actually start this book on any date and just loop back round. Each entry is easy to read and understand, and yet at the same time thought provoking, and so the messages and ideas linger in your mind. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a daily dip into a world of love and possibility!

Catherine Trafford

I bought this book for my mum a few months ago. Now, most times I speak to her on the phone, she reaches for her JoyScope and tells me what she's read that day. "It always seems to be the exact message I need to hear", she says.

I love that my mum loves JoyScope, and I know that she's not easily pleased when it comes to books! In fact, every time she goes to book club she moans about how awful the books are. I think I should suggest they read JoyScope instead!

Tora Cullip
  • 366 inspiring messages - one for every day of the year
  • Your uplifting alternative to the horror-scope!
  • Gain clarity on who you really are
  • Step into your inspiration and joy
  • Manifest your heart's desire
  • Build your support tribe
  • Make a difference just by being you
  • Change your perspectives, change your life!
  • 7 training sessions - a different topic every day
  • Discovering acceptance - making peace with life
  • Real forgiveness (and how we often get it wrong)
  • Learning to let go and create space in your life
  • Deciding who/what you want to connect with
  • The 4 T's of faith
  • The life-changing gift of generosity
  • Seeing through the eyes of unconditional love

About the Author:

Tiffany Kay is a transformational coach, inspirational speaker and the creator of Living an Inspired Life. After flat-lining through the early part of her life, Tiffany faced a challenging and transformational time of awakening. Following her son's open-heart surgery, she realised that life matters and made a deliberate and conscious decision to make her life a life that counted. Since then she has been inspiring others to discover the truth of who they are. Tiffany lives in Warrington, England with her husband and their four children.